free to disagree

Dropping in to quickly share a thoughtful Facebook post from The Peaceful Parent Institute.
I love how free my children are to give me honest feedback about what they do and don't like. I love how clearly lacking in inner conflict they are when they express frustration that's resulted in some way from what I've done/said, not done/not said...the next time your child is giving you feedback that's a little bit hard to swallow, try to hold that you're giving them a HUGE gift of allowing, supporting and validating their feelings, their right to have "negative" feelings in close relationships and a right to explore, identify, put words to and express those feelings.
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  1. Claire,
    this is something narc parents rarely want from their children, honest feedback. I remember my father, when I was a kid, saying harshly "is everybody happy?" when there was a conflict. It was his way of stopping the entire conversation. My father has only recently tolerated hearing some difficult truths from me, and only after I'd entirely given up on his ability to 'hear' me. What a gift it is when parents let their children express frustrations and negative feelings.