for all the loving mothers

This is for you
the mothers who strive each day
to nourish
to embrace
to be healthy
to be whole
to raise children
with compassion
with grace
with insight
with humility

This is for my mother-in-law
daughter of a mother who has just left this world
this is for the nurture she did not receive from her mother
this is for the nurture she tried to give my husband
this is for the nurture she gives to me

This is for my friend
daughter of a narcissistic father
daughter of a deceased mother
this is for the mothering she gives to me
this is for the nourishment she gives to her children
this is for the honesty she gives to herself

This is for you
daughters of the self-absorbed
this is for the women you strive to be
this is for the mothers you may become

May you always be willing
to look into your own soul
May you always be ready
to extend empathy to your children
May you receive love
from those who mother you.

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  1. Happy Mothers Day to you, Claire.
    Warmest Wishes, TW