part 1: the door

I just shut the door in my mother's face.

My middle son and I delivered Valentine's Day cookies to neighbors and when we came home, he went upstairs to give the heart-shaped lollipops from the kids across the street to his brothers, and I straightened some stuff in the foyer. The doorbell rang. Expecting a neighbor, I opened it. There's my mother with a "hello! I'm here! I'm bringing presents!" cheery smile on her face, waving pink and red cards in the air.

For a second, my brain said "oh, it's Mom! Hi, Mom!" and I reached for the knob.

Then I came to my senses, said, "sorry, no." And shut the door. And locked it.

And now I need to get ready for my Valentine's Day date.


  1. whoa! go go gadget über-strength!

  2. wow...good on you!!! It's so hard to think fast on your feet when faced with the "I'm going to pretend that we all live in an alternate universe where everything is all sweetness and light" offense.

    And {{{{{{hugs}}}}}, because sometimes it's still hard, even when you've done the right thing in taking care of yourself and your family...

  3. It's difficult to break that knee-jerk reaction, but you've just totally proven that IT CAN BE DONE.

    Talk about an intrusion from your NM. Yuck.

    But good for you, sticking to your guns and then having the strength to go on about your day. Happy V-Day Claire!